Produced by McLaren House
with Signature Tom, Lascorp Entertainment and Fractured Limb

Mother & Son

From the creator of the hit TV series comes a brand new stage comedy, Mother & Son, featuring Maggie, Arthur and Robert in delicious form. Arthur is at his wits end and desperate for some time away with his new girlfriend. But who will look after Maggie?

Whilst Arthur’s dentist brother Robert and his wife Liz claim they’d love to help -
Liz has bigger fish to fry.
Is Robert having an affair with his hygienist?
Will Arthur get away to pop the question?
Will Maggie go on a trip of her own?
Vague but vicious and more arsenic than old lace, Maggie would have Arthur tied to her apron strings for life, if she could just remember where she put the apron…

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