Swimming for Gold (2020)

1h 31min   |   English   | 

Peyton List  

Family Sport

Seventeen-year-old Claire Carpenter was an elite swimmer and social media darling until an accident left her with a fear of drowning. Tired of seeing his daughter with no ambition or purpose, Claire’s father sends her to Australia to coach an elite boys swim team, much to Claire’s irritation. Upon arriving at the swim camp, Claire is further horrified to find she will be sharing a room with her long-time rival and sworn enemy Mikayla Michaels.

When Claire shows no interest in training the boys, or even being there, Liam – the captain of the boys team – challenges her ability as a coach, explaining that if they don’t win the swim meet, they’ll lose their sponsorship. Claire sees in Liam the passion she once had for swimming and steps up to prove him wrong.

With the girls siding with Mikayla and her new  gruelling training techniques upsetting the boys, Claire wants nothing more than to go home, but with a signed contract committing her to the camp, and the weight of winning the swim meet resting heavily on her shoulders, Claire must overcome her fear, and put aside her past differences with Mikayla.

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