Film & TV

McLaren House is one of Australia's premier production houses having delivered content for major international partners including Dinsey +, Netlfix, Hallmark, Lifetime, Marvista entertainment and more.  Our titles to date include:

     DIVE CLUB (2021)

      You Me and the Penguins (2021)

      Love in Bloom (2021)

      Sit. Stay. Love (2021)

      Kidnapped (2020)

      This Little Love of Mine (2020)

      Romance on the Menu (2020)

      Swimming For Gold (2020)

      Rip Tide (2017)

      Spirit of the Game (2016)

      Surviving Georgia (2011) 

We have also acted as Executive Producers for the following feature films:

      Sweet River (2020)

      Ellie & Abbie (and Ellie's Dead Aunt) 2020

      The Greenhouse (2021)

      How Do You Know Chris? (2021)

      The Art Of Incarceration (2021)