Strange Bedfellows

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Based on the hit film of the same name

Strange Bedfellows tells the story of two mates who learn that they will go to any lengths to look after their friend.


In the idyllic Australian township of Yackandandah, local mechanic Ralph Williams enjoys the quiet life.  His best mate, and ideas man, Vince Hopgood, runs the old cinema. Due to the manipulations of his bitter ex-wife he has been hit with a massive tax bill and is ruined

till he spots a newspaper headline - the government has passed new legislation giving same-sex couples equal tax breaks to married folk.


Suddenly, Ralph and Vince, two blokes who don’t know if they’ve ever met a gay person, two blokes who still aren’t convinced Rock Hudson really was gay, now have a week to learn how to pose as a loving homosexual couple in a small town that knows them as anything but. This is going to call for some fancy footwork.

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